Thursday, November 8, 2012

First Frost!!

Our 3 barred rock roosters start around 5am with their the sun was rising I did my best to capture them.
Letting the chickens out of their coop and feeding them a bit of feed is usually Christian's job, but this morning Graycie followed me outside after eating her eggs and wanted to help.
Here is our chick, Summer, who was born on the first day of summer...still doesn't leave her mother's side!  She is laying eggs for us now.
Morning grooming routine
I have an affection for these blue glass jars...always have.  Don't they look beautiful with frost all over them?!  We keep these outside on the table to light at night when we eat dinner and this is what we woke to.

 Look at that frost on the table glittering!!  Ben noticed it right away when he was walking around with me...we were trying to capture every moment of the early sun and the frost still all around us.
What a glorious morning.  I LOVE taking the time with the kids to start our day looking for all the beautiful God-given gifts all around us.  He truly is an amazing God!

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