Friday, November 23, 2012

Broiler Processing Day

Looking at this collage, I'm glad we chose to take a picture of our broilers each Thursday for their whole (short!) lives.  They really do grow. so. fast.
 Processing day went very smooth, and it was actually fun!  Thanks to some generous friends at Bethel Trails Farm, we borrowed some equipment that made the whole process go faster.  The most time consuming part is the plucking.  The "Featherman" takes care of all of it in 25-30 seconds!!  It saved us a ton of time.  We ended up doing all our birds, from start to finish, in 4 hours.  Everyone took a turn on each part of the process, from the kill cone all the way to converting ounces to a decimal scale for pricing and packaging. 
We had some fresh chicken for our Thanksgiving feast!  So glad we got to share some with our friends the Schaafs!!
 my little helper :D
Ben was a trooper on processing was also his 9th birthday!!

 His very own Bowie knife!
Yes, that's right friends, when you live the rural life, you get a new knife for your birthday :)

Now, on to the next project for our farm...
                                                                       ...the Eggmobile!

The boys were challenged to come up with a model.  I think they're all great and very detailed!  We'll have to come up with a combination of all three!
Whew! What a busy couple of days!!  Hope you all had a fun Thanksgiving!

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  1. love Jason's face in the background of the butchering day collage :)

    I can't wait to get some chicken once my stash runs out!!!!