Friday, January 4, 2013

Goat Hay Feeder

Our Nigerian goats, Latte & Mocha (yes, I named them!) have plenty of pasture to graze on, but we wanted to make a feeder to supplement them with hay in these cold, dormant, winter months. 

The previous owners of our farmhouse left a ton of wood scraps in the barn...not only that, but they put up a privacy fence in between our home and the barn.  We already had plans to remove it...the privacy fence will be replaced with your typical farm looking fence.  So the boys and I gathered some of the scraps, took down one of the privacy panels and cut it all to 3 feet lengths.
First, Nate and I built the vertical panel that will be the center.  We had decided on an "L" shaped feeder but last minute made it a double sided just made more sense to do that. 
Here is the feeder, with the main frame built (it's laying on its side).  Ben is measuring the sides to add a piece of wood all the way around to catch the hay that falls...and to make it look a little nicer :)
 We found these extra spindels from our front porch and thought they would be nice to add.  It's looking good!  And mind you, this is with no plans...just the boys making it up as we go!
We added some fencing pieces to hold up a tin roof, and to give it more support.
These scrap pieces of tin fit *perfectly* on the top of the feeder!  I love it when things work out well!!
And now the hay.  What hard working boys!!  And I must mention that this could not have been done if Caitlin wasn't so willing to be watching the little ones!
Perfect, cute, FREE feeder!  Gotta love it!!  Behind it you see our other work in progress for the goats...a milking station with living quarters on both sides...from more fencing panels and tin we already had.  We will show you as soon as we're done!
 Success!!!  Mocha loves it!!

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  1. i love your little goats! and your adventures i get to read about! someday we will get to visit this little house on the prairie!! miss you friend xoxo

  2. Great idea! Found you on Frugal Days and I would love to have you share this on The HomeAcre Hop!