Friday, August 23, 2013

Fridays on the Farm

We have started our fall seeds. The summer garden is done and we've actually got our 3 female goats in the garden space to clear it all out!  We're going to try and grow peas, more beans, spaghetti squash, turnips, spinach, cabbage and a lettuce mix.

Our farm is growing again!  Meet our 7 French Alpine purebred goats...all females!  Aren't they pretty?!  4 of them are over a year old, and 3 are babies.  You can see in this picture who the Alpha is...she wouldn't let any of them near us until she checked everything out...good momma.
They all came from the same homestead...a veterinarian who kept them for milk, but has decided he's too old to carry the workload anymore.  They warmed up to us fairly quickly and are so gentle!  I'm glad they are hornless.
We separated our 3 goats because they have horns, and that could get messy when they're trying to prove who's in charge.  You can see Mocha up on her shelter...she has been there all day, I think, to prove she's in charge.  I hope they can all get along, and eventually we will have them all in one pen.
 Making acquaintances.
More animals, of course, means more labor for us, but we don't mind!  We are SO BLESSED to have all that we have...the work that comes with it is a joy!  Nate was busy building another feeder to put the hay in...he has become quite the carpenter!  Pajamas and an axe...classic Christian!

More time spent milking for Caitlin and me...but that's one of the benefits of having milking goats!  We were going to let the goats get used to their new home and give them a few days before we milked them, but 2 of them looked engorged to me.  They were having a hard time walking because they were so full!  So we decided to at least relieve that for them.  (As a nursing mom 7 times myself I know just how uncomfortable that is!!)
This first goat (we still have to name them all!) didn't even have to be held down.  She was so cooperative...I think she was thankful we were getting all that milk out!
 Cait LOVES living on a farm!
 3 full cups from one goat!!  Got the same from the next we milked, and we still have to milk our Mocha!!  The milk is flowin'!
Our beagle had puppies 3 weeks ago...6 of them.  2 girls and 4 boys and they are all adorable!  I will take better pictures soon!  They will be for sale in October if you're local and want one!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fridays on the Farm

Yes, it's Saturday, I know...I'm a day behind!  
We decided to let our goats into the garden area because it is so overrun with weeds.  They are thrilled to be in there!!  Here they're munching on our okra...good thing Graycie and I went in and picked all the okra off the plants before we let them in!

Our cinnomon queen laying hens are growing in their colored feathers!!  Aren't they pretty?  They are 7 weeks old now.
The broilers are growing like weeds as well.  Hard to believe we will be butchering these little guys in 5 weeks!!  If you want to preorder, check out our Facebook page HERE
Our bee colony on the Left in this picture is very you can see we have added another honey super!  The second box down is FULL of honey, but that is for them to get through the winter.  Now, anything made in the box on top we can take if we want :)  We will give it time to allow the bees to fill it up and probably wait until the Spring to take any, just incase they need it.
We are still working on fencing in our property.  It is a lot of work, and slow going with all the rain we've been getting.  But, we're making progress and that's what counts!
We are still enjoying the fruits of our labor from the just have to hunt for the food amongst all the weeds!!  We are now planning our Fall garden and getting ready to start those seeds :)

 Made some sourkraut with all our cabbage.
Drying seeds from our tigger melons.  It's an easy process once you read how to do it.  We took a super ripe melon that had great taste and put all the seeds in a glass jar with water.  Let it sit for a few days.  Then shake it up, drain the water, add new water.  Shake it up again, drain the water, add new water.  The seeds that float are bad...discard them.  The seeds that sink are good...put them on cardboard to dry for 12-15 days.  That's it!!  Now we have our tigger melon seeds for next year, and as you can see we have plenty!  So if you live nearby, please, ask for some!
We have been busy making more products for our farmhouse market.  More salves and a hard lotion scented with orange essential oil!  And a new soap!  Goat milk, olive oil and coconut oil, scented with lemongrass essential smells and looks so pretty everyone thinks its fudge!!  Interested?  Order HERE
Have a restful Sunday!