Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday's Broiler Biography

Our cornish cross rocks are now 3 weeks old.  You can see by the size of their legs how big their bodies are going to get!  And their legs are spread far apart in comparison to our other breed of chicks, showing us just how much room there will be for the breast meat.  These little guys LOVE to eat.  We actually have decided to cut back on their access to feed.  They need to peck around more for bugs and grass!  By taking the time to observe them we've noticed they prefer to just sit by the feeder and eat from it...choosing not to get much exercise.  We don't like this.  

Yes, they are healthy by being out on pasture the way God intended them to be.  

Yes, they are healthy because we are feeding them the best chicken feed that we could find that is locally made.  

No, they will not be healthy just sitting around getting fat!!  

So limiting their access to the feeder is going to force them to move around and look for food!  True, they may not fatten as quickly, but we're willing to try it out for the sake of a healthier meat.  We are what we eat, right?!  

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  1. Love the pictures - especially the one of them all at the feeder! :)

    Can't wait to taste some of that yummy meat!!! :)