Monday, October 29, 2012

Healthy Living ebooks via GNOWFGLINS

click HERE and it will take you to the Gnowfglins website....valuable resources for an incredible price!  I can't wait to sit at night and spend time reading through all the ebooks!!...all for the betterment of my family!


  1. I want to. But I'm too scared - I get myself overwhelmed. Maybe you can help me. :)

  2. sure!! I was reading through 2 of them last night and its really just a ton of whole foods recipes. No packaged foods allowed!! (kind of makes savmor look bad...ha!) I'm going to test some of them out in the next few weeks and I'll let you know how they go :) There are 2 ebooks that I'm really excited about...teaches you how to eat seasonally which is what I've wanted to do for a long time just never really had to living in South Florida always having every kind of produce available. At least check out the gnowfglins website and another one that's great is nourishing days. :)