Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday's Broiler Biography

Here it is, Thursday again, already!  (does having 7 kids make time go faster??)  These broilers are what I would call, at the in between stage...kind of fluffy, yet their real feathers are there as well.  As you can plainly see, they have grown tremendously in only 7 days.  I was having my doubts about being able to actually butcher them in only 8 weeks, but at this growth rate, they will definitely be large enough!
Today was also their first day on pasture!  They were beside themselves.  It was fascinating watching them peck at every little ant and bug that they could find.  Amazing to see them instinctly know what to do!   

 I still can't get over the size difference in the two breeds.  We started calling our barred rock hens our pipsqueeks!
 Ellie loves her chickies =)

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