Saturday, September 15, 2012

South Greenville Fair

Thanks to my friend Susan we found out about a local fair that was going on today!  I have been long wanting to have the kids enter their farm animals in a fair setting, you know, like a Charlotte's Web movie type thing?...just cute and fun with a bit of competition.  Come to find out, after some research on this local fair, they were holding livestock entries for competition!  So late last night and early this morning the kids and I got everything ready to head to the fair!  Nathan and Caitlin decided to enter their 2 bunnies from the last litter. Ben took along his barred rock rooster that he has been diligently taking care of these last 5 months, Christian picked out a barred rock hen, and Graycie entered her rumpless rooster!  Well what a surprise we got today.....

Caitlin and Nathan's bunnies being judged.
They both won first place!  First place for their particular breed and first place for color!
Ben and Christian patiently waiting to see if their chickens won...
And yes, they did!  Not only did they win first place but Ben's rooster won champion overall!!  Woot-woot!!  That's one proud boy :)

Believe it or not, Graycie's little rumpless also placed first!  Here she is collecting her ribbon and prize money!
It was SO MUCH FUN and such a great experience for the kids.  Their daily hard work has paid off with a fun-filled day, ribbons, and a few bucks to spend on kettle corn and lemonade at the fair!  Here are some pictures of the other events we enjoyed at the fair today.
Ben and Christian decided to participate in the sidewalk chalk art contest.
Some vintage tractors...can't wait to have one of these one day!
A vintage corn shucker run by water!

Watching the dairy goat competition.  We will be a part of this next year!  We couldn't do it this year since participating was all so last minute.  Our goats are at our friend's farm until we get some property.
Dairy cattle competion...would love to be a part of this.
Ellie LOVES her Graycie
Boys and I stayed to watch the tractor parade.

 And this is my favorite shot of the day...watching Caitlin freely and happily share her bunny and put a smile on someone else's face.

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  1. yay! So fun!! And I didn't know Graycie's chicken won too!! Just imagine when you have more than a night to prepare what you could win! ;)