Friday, September 28, 2012

Eating the Fruits of the Boy's Labor

What an exciting day we had a few days ago...well, it was exciting for us!  There are so many skills to learn as new homesteaders.  One is the raising and butchering of our own livestock.  Mom has butchered some chickens, dad has done it as well, but this time Nathan and Ben wanted to "man up" and do the actual killing.  The first time seems to be the hardest, but they were successful!  I will spare you the grotesque pictures of the killing and de-feathering and gutting, but here is a great shot of our dinner a few nights ago, thanks to the boys!!

So it has come full circle...they raised the birds, processed the birds and ate the birds.  What a great night around the family table, eating the fruits of their labor!

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  1. Wow, i love the way this family does her things, blessed. i pray that i have such a family may God continue pouring his blessings on you. :)