Friday, September 14, 2012

Barred Rock Hens are Laying!

Our 5 month old hens have started laying eggs!!  This is very exciting for us since we butchered our other egg layers and haven't been getting any eggs at all.  Well, except for the 2 from our bantam rumpless, but those are Ellie's eggs :)  
Our barred rocks are 5 months old now, and as you can see, look full grown. 
 What a good rooster, finding bugs for his lady!
It has been a great experience caring for these chickens from birth.  Watching their quick growth has been exciting too.  Next week, our backyard chicken gang will triple in size!....we will be recieving 50 day old chicks from a hatchery.  25 more barred rock hens for egg laying and 25 cornish cross to raise for meat.   Can't wait to share our experience with butchering 25 chickens on one day!!  

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