Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Homestead Scriptures

We have wanted to give each area of our farm a scripture verse.  We finally sat down and thought of some of them. 
We want to use our farm to be a light for Christ!  We have a vision for the future of our farm...right now we're learning everything as a family, but as we grow and become a business people will be visiting our property to purchase nourishing foods for their families.  When they come to get their chickens, eggs and other grass fed goods we want not only for them to sense God's goodness, but to taste it!  Our plan is to have a massive garden where they can come and pick what they please and take it home for free!  
We are reading and learning about saving seed...that will be something we will offer to teach others when they visit the farm.  The hope is that others will save seeds from the produce they take and plant their own garden!  Megan painted the first scripture verse today!
Everything is growing so fast now that its hot and we have long, sunny days.  We also have been blessed 3 times with coolers full of fish from our neighbor...after fileting the fish we cooked the meatless bodies to make a fish stock, but instead of using it for soups we diluted it with more water and poured it on the garden!  No doubt, that has helped everything grow!

 What a miracle to watch all this come from tiny seeds!  We are so blessed!


  1. Absolutely LOVE the garden, especially the scriptures!!!! How exciting to see everything grow. Can't wait to see it all in person.
    For the chickens, you can write something about how the chicken came befor the egg (Gen 1:20)


  2. Rochelle I love that verse for the chickens! What a GREAT idea :) Cant wait for you and PJ and the kids to come visit!!