Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fish & Chicken Fry!

Our neighbor, Mr. Mike, gave us a cooler full of fish today!  It was time for Ben and Christian to learn how to fillet some fish!  Thanks to Grampa, momma knows how to do it so she took the afternoon to teach the boys...they did great!  Thanks to their hard work, we all enjoyed a nice fish fry for dinner!

We decided to throw in a chicken for dinner as well...our butchering turned into quite the science experiment...CAUTION...this next picture might disturb some of you, but we thought it was really cool!! The chicken was actually one of our egg layers, and when we opened her up to clean her out we found the egg factory!!  It was an entire tube system, just like the intestines, but with egg yolks growing!  The one on the left was complete except the shell was soft.  We learned a lot today!


  1. Wow! That egg yolk pic is very interesting! My kids will find it fascinating! Lord willing we will be in the position to start homesteading in the near future! I love your blog, it's very inspiring for me as a homeschool mom! Thanks for sharing and welcome to South Carolina new neighbor!

  2. Hi Veronica! Thanks for welcoming us here!...we absolutely LOVE being here! I took a look at your website and your cakes are amazing to say the least! I have a 15 yr old daughter and a 12 yr old daughter and we just might come to one of your're not far from us at all! We're near Woodruff. They love to bake as do I, but we've never given cakes a try so I think it would be fun! Good luck in your future homesteading...its a blast!