Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Broody Hen

Happy 1st day of Summer everyone!!  Today we had the most pleasant surprise...we have a laying hen that decided a few weeks ago to go broody.  We separated her from the others so she wouldn't be bothered.  Plus, we wanted to keep us (Gracyn really) from grabbing the incubating eggs during our daily egg run...we learned the hard way actually when momma cracked an egg on the frying pan for breakfast one morning and found a baby growing :(
Well this afternoon as we were doing our watering rounds for all the animals Ben spotted a fluffy little chick peeping out from under the hen!!

Isn't it cute??!!  This just makes me so happy that my kids get to experience this!! There are 4 more eggs so we will be sure to post about them if they hatch as well.  What an exciting first day to summer!!  Hope everyone else had a blessed day!


  1. Oh no! How sad what happened at breakfast!! :( I always thought all eggs were baby chickens. It's funny the questions we get about our chickens when people visit. :)

    I hope the new chickens are hens! We had some hatch last year and 5 out of 6 were roosters!

  2. Hi Susan! It was terrible what happened...I felt so bad!! We are definitely learning as we go :)