Monday, February 18, 2013

Meet Woody & Jesse!!

Yesterday morning while doing our rounds outside I noticed Mocha's milk was full!  Really full!  I have read this is a sign that birth is close.  She was laying down on and off all morning as well, which is unusual...they are always grazing.  Around 2pm Christian came running in, "Mom, Mom, she's having her baby!!" 
This was Mocha's first time giving birth so I was hesitant to let the kids watch...I didn't want to stress her out.  We kept our distance and stayed very quiet.  She did great!!  

This is baby's first breath!! 
First steps
Mocha was so sweet.  She let Ellie come right over to love on the newest kid.  
Meet Jesse!
Meet Woody!

Couldn't be more grateful for this experience as a family.  God is the Maker of all we see...even an animal giving birth!  He captured us in this moment...filled our hearts with wonder and joy!!



  1. Awesome and beautiful pictures!!!!

  2. how precious and an amazing experience for your children to see :) God's design IS beautiful (and perfect!)

    God bless!

    Beth @ One Simple Homestead

    Ps. I love the blog! It's really cute!

    1. Thanks Beth!! Did you find me from my link to Barn Hop? I actually saw your blog a few weeks ago from a Barn Hop link and was reading all about you!...we have way too much in common ;) You're doing a great everything that you're up to!! So inspiring! Keep in touch!!

  3. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

    1. It was wonderful! Glad you enjoyed the pictures!