Saturday, February 16, 2013

Meet Jack & Jill...and our first snow experience in SC!!

WARNING: This post contains many pictures!!

Last night, Latte was letting us know she was close to giving birth...she was very noisy and displayed unusual behavior. This morning Nate came running, "Mom!  Mom!  There's a white baby goat!!"  He was quick enough to get out there and was able to see the second kid be born!!!  
This is moments later.  Birth is such a miracle.  And look at the baby's God-given instincts...he knows right where to go!
Mocha came over to greet her new brother and sister!
Little Jack!!
Little Jill!!
A few hours later it started to snow!  In less than 2 hours we got around 4 inches!  The biggest snow in this area in over 2 years!!
We had snowball fights...built snowmen...rolled in the snow...ate the snow...laughed hysterically together and just couldn't get enough of it!  What a blast!!

And the eventful day was topped off with a night out with my man...Valentine dinner with our care group from church!
Hope you all found something beautiful and fun in your day!

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