Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Eggmobile

We put the boys' plans together, purchased a used boat trailor with a makeshift box on it, added a bunch of hardwork and sweat and got a wonderful result!

Here is the trailor as we bought it.  Just a plywood box with shelving inside.  It already has the perfect doors to allow the hens to go in and out of.  
Jason sawed the top off, and we saved that piece of wood to reused for the top of the eggmobile.  We cut the frontend off and fastened a laying coop in its place...pretty smart! (and frugal!!) 
We will have easy access to the eggs as you can see!  Just flip up the piece of tin and there they are!
Nate got busy building the ladder for the hens' access to the eggmoblie.
 Even Gracyn helped! (atleast she thinks she did, and that's what's important!!)
Jason fastened some posts, 2 foot high, to allow air and sunshine in.  Then you can see the original top piece of wood with tin added to make for more protection from the elements.  That's my girl using powertools! (she's going to be a great helpmeet one day :))
 And there you have it!!  We put 5 beams from side to side for the hens to roost on at night, but I didn't capture a picture of that finished.
 Locked, loaded and ready to go! 

 And there you have it friends!  A moveable chicken house for our free ranging hens.  We will hook it up to our future tractor, or 4wheeler, or lawn mower, or...ooh, so many toys to get!! and move it around our property so our hens are never caged in to one area.  Once they are settled in a place to lay eggs and roost at night, they don't stray very far from it so they will automatically go where this thing goes!!  

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