Monday, December 31, 2012

Fencing 101

Well, for a family that has never done anything like this before, I must say, we did pretty good.  Grama, Taylor and Uncle Johnny came for a Christmas visit, and they got put to work!  From start to finish, with 22 hard working hands, it took 3 full days of labor.  Here's what had to be done:

Dig corner post and gate post holes.
Cementing those posts.
Clearing out underbrush for the fence line.
Measuring equal distances between metal posts.
Pounding in metal posts.
Leveling the metal posts.
Redoing some metal posts.
Redoing some more metal posts...ugh.
Running fencing around the acre.
Securing the fencing to the posts.
Securing the fencing to the ground.
Installing 2 gates.
And finally...bringing our goats home!!

Lighthearted Cait always has a way to make things fun :)  and it's freezing outside!  Not sure why she's in a short sleeve shirt!

All our kids, from 15 to 3, took part in every piece of the process so that all young hands learned each skill it took to do this.  I love owning a farm because of what I'm watching my kids learn TOGETHER...
Hard work.
More hard work.
Following through.
More hard work.
Having fun while working (that's huge for all of us!).
Being an encouragement to others.
And more hard work.
I think the animals are just an added bonus! 

Great work everyone, and thanks Grama, Taylor and Johnny for helping out while you were here!!!
 Our goats are home :)
 There are 2 babies in that big belly!!

Graycie insisted that Ellie wear her Christmas dress to go welcome our goats darn cute!

 "Chewing cud isn't so bad, mom!"

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