Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our Nigerian Milking Goats!!

Well, we got them sooner than expected, but that's fine with us!!  The plan was to wait until one of these pretties had babies and we would raise the babies and breed them, but the owner of these two goats decided she just had too much going on at her own farm, so we got to have them!  They are mother and daughter and we have named them Latte (the mom who is all white) and Mocha (the daughter with spots)  They are very sweet and love the attention from all of us.  We are "borrowing" a billy to mate them...hopefully soon we will have babies which means milk for us too!  In the meantime, we are just getting to know the goats and learning a lot in the process, and of course, having tons of fun!

All the kids love working and learning about all the animals, but Caitlin and Ben are definitely the fondest of living on a farm.  They enjoy every bit of it, even the tough stuff, and are the first to help mom with anything animal related.

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  1. So awesome, love everything on this blog. What amazing experiences to have together. So happy for you guys. Can't wait to come visit so that we can see everything in person. Love you guys!