Thursday, May 3, 2012

Barred Rock Chicks

A few weeks ago for our 15th wedding anniversary Jason got me 20 of these cute chicks!  We have learned about the different breeds of chickens...had no idea there were so many!  Well anyway, these are my favorite.  They are barred rocks. They are called that for their black and white stripes in thier feathers that have the appearance of prison bars!  They are big and beautiful and they are prolific layers of brown eggs...300+ a year, per chicken!!

In just 3 short weeks they have complete changed their appearance.  They went from little balls of fluff that didn't do much but sit and eat to these active, loud cute birds with feathers.  We had been keeping them in another section of the barn in an enclosed tractor for safety reasons and today was their first day on pasture!!  They were so excited to be pecking in green grass!  It was really neat to watch them instinctly know what to do!  They started searching for bugs right away, chewing grass, scratching, and even already fighting each other to figure out who is going to be the top bird!  We are having an incredible time enjoying God's creatures every day!  
Ellison is now 6 months old!!  She is crawling/scooting all over!  She has so much fun playing with the chicks, and she just loves her new swing under the pecan tree :)


  1. she is so adorable!! wish i could squeeze her!
    and your fun! keep us updated. miss you friend!!

  2. Chris - your farm fun looks awesome! I miss hanging out with you. We just got 5 chickens ourselves, and made a small tractor kind of like yours. Your goats are really cool. I just love your blog - keep it up!