Friday, April 6, 2012

Baby Goats

Today we had the privilege of visiting a friend's farm, Whispering Pines, to see baby goats born yesterday!  They are pygmy goats.  The momma goat was so kind to let the kids handle the wee ones.  

There were two other goat breeds, boar and nubian.  Our farmer friend told us one of the nubians is pregnant and is due to give birth in June.  The babies would be ready to leave their momma in December and....we get to have some!!!  We are super excited about that!  We will visit the farm a few times a week once the goats are born to allow them to become acquainted with us...then take them home in December!  Once the females are old enough to have babies we will be able to have fresh, unadulterated, raw goats milk!  That means cheese, yogurt, kefir, all sorts of wholesome goodness for free!!!  And not to mention all the fun that goes along with having goats :)  Below are the nubian goats...the pregnant one is laying down behind Ben.

Ben and Cait holding a nubian goat
There were also baby sheep that the kids got to play with.  Sheeps milk is very sweet, we were told.  That would be fun as well to get some sheep!  

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  1. yay! i love that you are getting goats! the kids are adorable....get! ;)