Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!

Today is the first day of spring!  We are having so much fun watching the changing seasons.  We moved here in Summer...everything was lush green and it was hot.  Watching the leaves change to brilliant hues of red, orange, yellow and purple in the Fall was breath-taking.  Then seeing it all die and go dormant in the Winter was sad, but a needed rest for the land.  Now it's Spring!  Everything has come alive again and it's incredible to watch!  Growing up in South Florida, we Kaisers have never experienced this.  We've watched the brown grass turn green again, and trees everywhere are white, pink, purple and bright yellows!!  Amazing!  Today Cait, Ellison and I were sitting under one of our trees that is full of little white flowers, and the cool morning breeze was blowing them off...it was the prettiest rain of flowers!!

We've also watched our hen's behavior change.  We didn't get them until Winter.  During that season we learned egg production slows down as does their activity.  They would come out of their coop but wouldn't do much but stand around and puff up their feathers, I guess to keep warm.  We have 26 hens and were only getting 8-10 eggs a day.  Now with it warmer and green everywhere, we sit and watch the hens chase bugs. Christian is digging up worms for them to feast on, and we're getting 18 eggs or more per day!!  Exciting stuff around here!

Ellison Jubilee is already 5 months old tomorrow!

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  1. yay! love that there is a new post! send us some eggs! beautiful pictures! miss you guys xoxo