Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow Day!!

 We woke this morning to a couple inches of beautiful snow!
 Time for some fun!!

 Jason took the kids down to the creek to sled down the hill

We have added to our flock of hens with guineas!  6 of them for now, and that may be it…they are extremely loud!  That is one of the reasons we got them.  They alert the rest of the flock of predators…well, anything that they think may be a threat…they squak at cars that drive by and they squak at us when we go to collect eggs or clean the egg mobile!!  They will also provide us with eggs that are extremely rich in omega 3's due to the high volume of insects they eat, which is the other reason we added them to our farm…to help control the bugs, ticks especially.  They will free roam with the hens, but I'm looking forward to keeping them in the garden this Spring & Summer.  They don't scratch like chickens do, and they are always on the hunt for bugs so they will really help out in that area!  They are an interesting looking bird…we serve a creative Maker!!
 Handsome fellow, isn't he?  He's our cinnamon king!
Our piggies are fattening up very quickly.  Their feed intake has increased 150lbs every 2 weeks for the last month!  And they are always rooting.

This is our 2 year old Alpine beauty, Esther.  All the goat's thick coats grew in back in November, and they are bushy and beautiful!
 Ruthie was enjoying licking the snow off the fence!

Even on fun snow days there is still work to be done and animals to be fed.

All the waterers had an inch thick of ice covering the top that had to be broken to allow the animals to drink.
All our cinnamon queen and barred rock hens have started laying and we are getting an average of 2 dozen eggs a day!  Live nearby and want to feed your family fresh eggs from free roaming hens?  Contact us on our Facebook page to get more information!
 I love this big helper!!


  1. These pictures are so beautiful and I love seeing the goats chase the wheelbarrow of hay! What a fun snow day. Your cinnamon king is so handsome too :)

  2. These are fantastic pics Chris!! Love them all. The kids look like they had so much fun in the snow. Excited to see what comes our way tomorrow! Wow - it's so much fun seeing how y'alls farm has grown. So thankful -- God is so faithful!

    We would always love to buy some eggs if you have extra!! :)