Thursday, September 26, 2013

Goats & Market Stand Preparations

Well, it's been a month since we added our Alpine goats to our farmstead....
We have kept our horned goats separate from the Alpines since they don't have any horns.  Goats are like any other creature...when new ones are introduced there is a battle for who will be the dominant leader.  We didn't want anything getting messy since one "leader" has horns and the other doesn't.  They have now been around eachother long enough, and we believe they are used to eachother...even though it's only been through a fence.  (Plus, I want my garden back!!)  Time to make them one, big, happy family!!
You can see here, Mocha, the horned leader, shying away from the Alpine leader (who we still haven't named!)...look at the hair raised on their backs!!  I was sure Mocha would win and be the dominant one, but I was proved wrong!  The Alpine must be older, or I'm guessing since she is a leader of 6 others she knows she is best fit for the position...she didn't back down once and by the end of the day, it was obvious who was in charge!!
I'm just glad they're all getting along and no one has gotten hurt.
We are working diligently on preparing for The Grain Loft Store Anniversary Celebration!!  Very excited for our friends, Pat & Jacque, who run the's already been a year since they opened their doors!!  We have been invited to have a stand at the celebration, selling our pastured chickens and handmade goods.  
 Can't wait to hang these fun signs!  
Sewing like a maniac!  Lots of market totes, burlap buckets, cup cozies and a new item we just came up with...table place settings made from burlap to hold silverware!
All our sewn items are made from materials we are bean burlap sacks, vintage sheets and wool & cotton sweaters!!  Be sure to come visit The Grain Loft's Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, October 19th!!  See you then!! 
 Oh, and we finally designed a logo and had a banner and shirts made.  Thank you MonkeyDeez!!


  1. So excited!! Those signs look wonderful!!!!

  2. Oh that sounds fun! Hope to make it!! And I need more soap!!!! :)