Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tigger Melons!

Look what came out of our garden today!  Aren't these babies beautiful?!!  I have never seen anything like them!  It's amazing the variety of foods there are to grow when you can choose for yourself what you want to grow!  We are so used to what is sold in the stores, and even CSA's are fairly similar.  I'm glad we tried these!
They are called Tigger Melons and are heirlooms, which means we will be saving seed from one of them, drying the seeds out and storing them until next planting season!  We will never have to buy seeds to grow these beautiful melons again!  If you want to buy some seeds you can find them HERE

They are on the small side for a melon...about the size of a grapefruit or softball.  They start out green, but you know they are ready to pick when they turn these bright red and yellow colors.  Some are solid yellow as well.  They are bursting with a sweet aroma and are mild in taste.  We love them!!
We are already planning on doing a much larger patch for these melons in our garden next year so we can sell them at the market along with our broilers and eggs.  I think they will be a hit since most people have probably never seen them or tasted them :)

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