Friday, March 15, 2013

Milking Stand

The girls and I {tried} milking our momma goats without a stand to lock them into...haha!  It was quite the sight to see, and a moment I will never forget, laughing hysterically at ourselves!
When experienced farmers give their advice...take it!  They all told us the same a stand!  So, this young man took it upon himself to build us a surprise!  He did an awesome job!
Nathan used the tops to our cotton mill boxes from last year's garden.   He made it a perfect height for us gals to sit on a 5 gallon bucket and milk.

 You can see in this picture the top piece to lock the goat's head in with...he screwed one end in and it swivels back and forth.  On the other end, to lock, he drilled a hole bigger than the long screw he used and we just pop it in and out to lock/unlock her.
Here he is last year in February with his rabbit box he built....I'd say his skills have certainly improved!
Success!!  And we've been getting about a cup of milk each day from the 2 goats combined.  Not bad for first timers, us and the goats!!  Currently we are freezing it to use for 2, we are getting another billy goat this week from good milking stock...he will be for mating purposes and will help produce great milkers.  He is only 2 months old and will still need milk.  We are also storing the milk to use for making goat's milk soap.  

Notice the hens on BOTH sides of the fence...darn them!!  They never stay where you want them to stay!!
 We love playing with Nate!!
 We love to climb!!

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  1. He did a great job!!! It's such a great gift to have to be able to build things, especially using things you already have! Septtro does that ALL the time! :)

    Are you gonna have enough goat milk soon to sell?? I've never tried it but I'm curious.