Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Beginning of Kornerstone Farms

Welcome to our new blog!  A lot has been happening in our korner of the world.  I'm happy to share it with all you that wish to read, and hopefully I'll get the hang of this blogging stuff sooner than later.  Two weeks ago we welcomed baby Ellie into the world...Ellison Jubilee.  She weighed a healthy 9lbs3oz and was 21 inches long.  Jason delivered her himself!  It was quite an experience for all of us! 
As we've all been adjusting to life with a new baby our farm has been growing as well!  We met an incredibly knowledgable man named Steve who we've dubbed {The Chicken Man}.  He invited us to his home to see his chickens.  I would call them his life's work.  This man has devoted countless hours of research to his chickens.  He has rare breeds that lay chocolate colored eggs!  He has some that he has crossbred that lay rainbow eggs...various colors from the same chicken.  I wish I had a tape recorder when we spent the few hours with him...we will be visiting him again!  As a family, our plan has been to buy chicks already hatched to raise for meat or eggs, but The Chicken Man has encouraged us to hatch our own eggs!  He has all the equipment and did it with his kids, and he is willing to pass on his knowledge, chickens and incubator to us!  I think we're going to give it a try!  God is good!  I love the way He puts people in our lives at the right time!  We are clueless with raising chickens and this man knows a ton and is willing to spend time with our family to teach us!!  We're supposed to pick up the incubator and hens this weekend...will be sure to post about it next week!  


  1. Congratulations on your newest little blessing! How cool to hatch your own eggs! I'll have to remember that once we are on our land! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Hi Kaiser Family,
    Congratulations on your new baby Ellison and kudos to Jason for delivering her himself, it must have been amazing! Well my name is Lisa and I attend Cornerstone Bible Fellowship in Delray Beach (Pastor Bernard's Church). I attended the parenting seminar last weekend and was checking out your blog and saying hi. I am grateful for the information you share via video, thank you for blessing us and I encourage you guys to continue to share your testimony with other families. I think its great what your family is doing (having a farm). Thank you for sharing your life experiences.
    Your Sister in Christ, Lisa